“This club is not mine or the ‘presi’, it is something ours and it is time to be together and put Barça up”


The new FC Barcelona player Dani Alves has taken a first mass bath in his second stage at the Camp Nou and in front of 10,378 people, with his arms outstretched and barefoot, he has made the Blaugrana fan explode with joy in a ‘ show ‘in which he has promised work to return the club to the upper echelons of continental football.

“The dressing room is now better, without a doubt, because I am here,” he smiled at the shouts of ‘Alves, Alves, Alves …’ in the stands. “There are young people with enthusiasm, and those of us who have more mileage have to join forces with theirs. We can only improve and do this together,” he appealed about the team’s state of mind.

Although he will not be able to debut until January, he is already training his teammates together and under Xavi Hernández. “I am sure that if we join forces and begin to be positive and know that things are achieved with work, we will once again be more than a club,” he deepened.

Arms open in the cross, he signed the contract with the president, Joan Laporta, and both excitedly took a triumphant walk along the side of the Camp Nou Tribune after showing the shirt with the number ‘8’ in tribute to Hristo Stoichkov and Andrés Iniesta.

“Hello ‘culers’! An honor to come back here. If you remember very well, the last time I took the microphone, it was to say that I did not know how long this dream would last and if it was over, but the dream said that I was not going to finish at that moment and that’s why I’m here again, “Alves said.

In a speech full of messages of optimism, he asked for unity from Barcelona. “You, with this club, have made me feel very special, to be one of you and this has not changed. I am here because I am one more. Visit Barça and visit Catalunya and visit the mother who gave birth to all of you”, contributed in his already typical tone of ‘Good Crazy’ (something like madness of the good one).

“Now I am a little more handsome. But there are things that we cannot change, and stepping on this grass again could not be otherwise than like this, barefoot,” acknowledged the Brazilian full-back. “Here I have become very big and now I am coming back a bit small to make this club bigger. We need you all, because this club is not mine, it is not from the ‘presi’, it is ours. Those of us who feel the colors and the shield, it’s time to be together and put Barça up again, “he was honest.

For his part, Joan Laporta assured, as on the day of Xavi’s presentation, that it is another historic and great day. “Dani is an extraordinary person of exceptional talent, I have to say that our coach, technical secretary, board of directors and I are delighted to bring spirit, character, and I am sure that Alves will make this team much better. All of this is impressive.” he assured in reference to the warm welcome to Dani Alves.