She was the most anticipated guest of the night. Isabel Preysler attended the party for the 82nd birthday of Ira de Furstenberg, which was held on Thursday 22 at the Palacio de Liria in Madrid. without the company of Mario Vargas LlosaIsabel arrived alone with a serious face. She was looking at the ground and avoided making any comment about the future wedding of his daughter Tamara and Íñigo Onieva and remained silent.

The Marchioness of Griñon announced that he was getting married and was reserved to count on the anthill the date and place of the link: June 17, 2023 at the El Rincón Palace, owned by Tamara herself and her brother Manolo Falcó. The marchioness, on the set of Pablo Motos, launched a generic “we are super happy and our families are happy and hopefully we eat partridges…”, thus putting into the pack to his mother, Elizabeth.

They also attended the party at the Palacio de Liria Eugenia Martinez de Irujo And your daughter, Cayetana Rivera.

Sofia Palazuelovery elegant with a Greek-inspired maternity dress with a neckline cut-outShe went with her husband Fernando Fitz-James Stuart. The couple has revealed the sex of the baby they are expecting: a girl.