The Infanta Elena ‘escorts’ Don Juan Carlos in the English regattas of Wight

The emeritus has landed this Thursday in the isle of wight to participate in the 6-meter World Boat Championship, which takes place on this British coast from Thursday, August 31 to September 8. He has not done it alone: ​​next to him his great friend Peter Fields (President of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo) and his daughter, the Infanta Elena.

The eldest of the siblings has become her father’s best escort, who she accompanies practically every time he leaves Abu Dhabi. The last one, last August in Sanxenxo, where Don Juan Carlos and the rest of the crew of the Bribón won the Cup. Then, Doña Elena was encouraged and also participated in the regattas aboard the sailboat ‘Alibabá II’ that , captained by Miguel Lago, achieved the second position.

It is unknown if Doña Sofía’s eldest daughter has come to Wight as a participant or just as a companion, but this Thursday she has become a one more tourist walking around the island with a friend. The infanta has sheltered from the rain with a cap, raincoat and umbrella without losing spirits, according to And now Sonsoles.

If the weather allows it, this Friday the training starts and we will see don Juan Carlos in the port, where he has arranged to sail with Pedro Campos and the rest of the team. King Felipe’s father has prepared himself conscientiously for the appointment with a strict diet supervised by the doctor and his exercises. He has lost 15 kilos and has managed to reduce the mobility problems that he has had for years. Additionally, the Rascal has been tailored for your comfort with a leather-covered seat and V-shaped design.