Aitana Bonmatí: “As a society we must not allow abuse of power or disrespect”

“From my partner Jenni to all the women who suffer the same, we are with you”


The best UEFA player for the 2022/23 season, the Spanish Aitana Bonmatí, lamented the moment Spanish football is experiencing despite the recent World Cup title in Australia and pointed out that as a society we cannot “allow” the “abuse of power or fouls of respect” in a working relationship, for which he sent his support to all the women and especially to his teammate Jenni Hermoso.

Bonmatí was the protagonist of the awards ceremony this Thursday at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, after the draw for the men’s Champions League. The FC Barcelona player, champion of the Champions League and the League, did not want to miss the moment that Spanish football is experiencing after the performance of the now suspended president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, during the celebration of the World Cup in Sydney.

“There are not very good moments in Spanish football, we have just won the World Cup but not much is being said about it because things have happened that I would not like to let go of,” said the midfielder after receiving the “best player” trophy ‘.

“As a society we should not allow abuse of power in an employment relationship or disrespect. From my colleague Jenni [Hermoso], to all the women who suffer the same, we are with you. And hopefully we continue working so that this society improves,” he added, in the midst of the complaints against Rubiales, who was suspended by FIFA last Saturday.

Aitana thus remembered her partner Jenni, who was kissed on the mouth by her president without consent in the celebration for the title, and of a road still to be traveled in women’s football, just as the England coach, Sarina Wiegman, did , shortly before. “I want to thank Sarina very much for her words, it’s a great detail on her part,” said the Spaniard.

The Dutch, awarded as the best coach in Europe, also remembered the Spanish team in her speech. “What happened to the Spanish team after the final has hurt me a lot. There is still a long way to go in women’s football. I dedicate this trophy to the Spanish women’s team that played a great tournament. This team deserves to be heard and deserves to be able to celebrate” , he claimed.