Rubiales, “entrenched” in his house in Motril, imposes the law of silence on his family: “Not a word”

The former president of the RFEF continues to exercise his authority in his closest circle. Luis Rubiales he wants to handle the scandal his way and he is not liking that certain members of his family are taking their feet out of the pot, even if it is to defend him. The spectacle of her mother, locked up in the village church until exhaustion, has not managed to soften the hearts of critics, quite the contrary, and the public interventions of her cousins ​​more of the same. Thus, Rubiales has stood up: “He has given a direct order to all his relatives so that no one talks to the media. Absolute silence. Not a word,” they say.

Rubiales is in Motril and, according to his close circle, he is “very nervous”. He is “entrenched” in the house of one of his relatives to avoid the press and only left it on Wednesday night, to go to the hospital where his mother was taken after suffering an anxiety attack that forced him to leave his confinement. in the Divine Shepherdess.

The former soccer player arrived at the Santa Ana hospital in the town of Granada at 11:30 p.m. at night, in a car with tinted windows and a cap with a visor covering his face to avoid the press. Inside the center he was recognized by some related health workers and he even photographed himself smiling with them.

Rubiales is not expected to appear in the media or make any new statements at this time. The storm is stronger than he thought and he has decided to take it under cover: “At the moment he does not want to talk, but when things calm down a bit, he will explain,” Luis’s cousin said Thursday. “We are already a little tired of this topic, let’s see if it happens a little faster.”