The house where Miguel Bosé and his children were robbed belongs to a Mexican presenter wanted by Interpol

Information continues to arrive about the robbery suffered by the singer and his two 11-year-old children last Friday in Mexico. As he himself recounted, ten hooded men entered the house and tied them up for more than two hours, a period of time sufficient to steal all valuables, including the car. One of the big unknowns so far was why Miguel Bose he had not reported the facts to the police. The answer? The house was not his, but that of a woman wanted by Interpol.

The interpreter of bandit lover I was spending a few days at the house of Inés Gómez Mont, a well-known Mexican presenter who is in search and capture. Her problems with the law date back to 2017, when she was accused of tax fraud. Her criminal resume grew as she was considered the ringleader of a network of embezzlement and money laundering. Four arrest warrants weigh on her. She pleaded not guilty and assured that she had reached an agreement with the authorities to solve some of these issues. Her last publication on her networks dates from last January: “I will continue presenting my defense before the judicial authorities.”

For its part, the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office has reported in a note that neither Miguel Bosé nor the residents of the luxurious urbanization in which the events occurred have filed formal complaints. Moreover, they claim that they have prevented police officers from entering the premises to inspect and collect evidence.

“My children were brave”

The singer shared a statement through social networks after the news was published last Tuesday. “On Friday night, a commando of ten armed individuals broke into my home. They assaulted us, tied up my children, the house staff and me for more than two hours. They took everything, including the car, all very studied and measured. To make it short, we are all fine. My children behaved like two brave men. Admirable”.

The artist, who has his residence in Panama, added: “It was all very tense, delicate and unpleasant. This is the only version that you should attend to. Things are being said that are not true. Thank you all for the support and the Constant concern shown but rest assured. To my urbanization neighbors, the first to arrive, a thousand heartfelt thanks. To those who speculate so much, I am sorry to disappoint you: here I am and here I will stay, to face whatever, in the country most hospitable to the planet”.