Alba Bautista, seventh with the hoop in the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup


The Spanish Alba Bautista was seventh on Wednesday in the hoop final of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship, whose 40th edition is being held in Valencia, during a day in which the German Darja Varfolomeev was the main protagonist by hanging the gold in both that hoop test as in the ball one.

The public at Feria Valencia responded to the expectations generated, after the successful sale of tickets, and thousands of people cheered from early in the morning. The crowning moment came with the departure of Alba Bautista and Polina Berezina, the two Spanish representatives in this event for the individual competitions.

It was a particular “mascletá”, in the words of Bautista herself, who debuted with a ball and achieved a score of 32,000. With the second of the devices, the hoop, the woman from Teruel improved her performance until she achieved a score of 33,350, thus placing herself among the eight best.

Later, Barezina stepped on the mat, who with his execution of the ball obtained a total of 32,100 points, while with the hoop he reaped 32,900 points. This performance left both gymnasts with intact hopes of obtaining an Olympic place for the 2024 Paris Games.

In addition, Darja Varfolomeev was crowned in both apparatus with 35,750 and 35,800 points, respectively. The Italian Sofia Raffaeli, current world champion in ‘all around’, was the second outstanding name with two silvers, one for each specialty. The podium was completed by the Hungarian Fanni Pigniczki, in hoop, and the Bulgarian Stiliana Nikoliva, in ball.

The classification for the individual final and the Olympic places (14 in total) will be decided this Thursday, when the entire competition with clubs and tape is completed. In turn, there will be two specialties in which metals will also be put into play.