Ana Terradillos and Joaquín Prat return on September 11, a week after their competition

It has been a tough summer for Telecinco, which has been in audience free fall for months. But the network relies on its fall programming to break the losing streak and once again face the competition with its new formats. so, anna Terradillos y Joaquín Prat will release their respective formats, The critical look y We’ll see, that will occupy the space of Ana Rosa Quintana in the morning of Mediaset since September 11, as Informalia has learned.

Terradillos will hold a political table from 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and then Prat will take over until 3:00 p.m., making him disappear from the grid It’s already noon. That day they will give the starting signal to a new stage in the chain, which has remodeled the programming to stop the disaster, which has not hit the ground and is collapsing faster since the programs in the Sálvame universe disappeared.

The management teams are already finalizing the fringes of sections and collaborators with which to try to convince the audience. With Ana Terradillos, her right hand continues, the until now director of Cuatro al día, Daniel Fernandez, with whom he had already coincided in Cadena SER and also in the specials of Ukraine, this will not be forgotten, that Telecinco broadcast when the war began.

And with Joaquín Prat he will be at the controls Oscar de la Fuente, who has been in charge of Ana Rosa’s program the last three years. They will also be at your service as co-presenters Patricia Brown, who will moderate the current affairs and events table, and then will give way to another Patricia, in this case Dorronsoro, who until now worked as a reporter on Quintana’s morning show.

On Antena 3 they will continue to face them Susanna Griso, who, with a view to the new season, has signed on as director in the entertainment slot, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the old director of Save me, Alberto Diaz. He will be in charge of reinforcing the heart section that until now was the Achilles heel of the Planet chain. The signings of numerous specialists in the tabloids indicate that he will be of great importance in the new mornings on Antena 3. Many of the fellow members who worked only with Sonsoles in the afternoon will now also be with Griso.

On Spanish Television lands Jaime Cantizano, that also promises to fight in that strip with the Mañaneros program. Together with the presenter will be Miriam Moreno y Marc Santandreu as co-presenters and Laura Lobo for one of its sections. TVE’s other big bet is Jordi González, who will present an evening programme, Square, who will face Ana Rosa Quintana (Telecinco) and Sonsoles Ónega (Antena 3).

Much more heart and social chronicle with Susana Griso on Antena 3

As far as Informalia knows, Susanna Griso, Jaime Cantizano and Jordi González will start the season on Monday, September 4, a week before their competitors. It is clear that the return to school of the presenters this year is going to be more than entertaining. The war for audiences is going to be more fierce than ever. We are talking about direct confrontations between the great swords of the chains: Ana Rosa against Sonsoles and against Jordi González; Terradillos and Joaquín Prat against Susanna Griso and against Jaime Cantizano. To these duels we must add that of Paul Motorcycles contra Jorge Javier Vazquez at night with El Hormiguero and Tales Chinos.