The Hernangómez brothers, Torrens, Doncic and Kerr, awarded at the IV Spanish Basketball Gala

On the eve of the Centenary Tournament, the FEB had a crowd bath at the Gibralfaro Castle


The IV Spanish Basketball Gala was held this Thursday at the Castillo de Gibralfaro in Malaga, with more than 300 guests in an evening where outstanding national and international basketball figures such as the brothers Willy and Juancho Hernangómez, Alba Torrens, Raquel Carrera, the late Javier Imbroda, Slovenian star Luka Doncic and US coach Steve Kerr.

On the eve of the Centenary Tournament of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), the gala was presented by Marta Fernández and Eddy Vidal. Organized in collaboration with the sports newspaper ‘Marca’, it was attended by the senior men’s team together with the majority of the senior women’s team, recent runner-up in the Eurobasket.

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, opened the event with “honor” and wished “long life to Spanish basketball.” “We have been preparing this centenary for three years, and I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all those who have made it possible to celebrate the successes of the first hundred years of Spanish basketball,” said the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa.

The FIBA ​​Secretary General, Andreas Zagklis, assured that “it is impossible to celebrate the centenary of an institution of the prestige of the FEB without referring to an impressive process, number 1 in men’s and number 4 in women’s ranking”. “‘Basketball Spain’ is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Wherever I go around the world, I always hear about Spanish basketball, from coaches, managers, players…”, praised Zagklis.

The MVP of the final in the last men’s Eurobasket, Juancho Hernangómez, took an Extraordinary Award and was the first to present the awards. In his speech, he admitted that “remembering the Eurobasket still produces emotion and pride.” “And now we are very excited about the World Cup,” he added, just one day before the Centenary Tournament.

In that 2022 men’s Eurobasket, Willy Hernangómez was chosen MVP of the entire tournament; For this reason, among other reasons, this same Thursday he received an Extraordinary Award from the FEB. “It is one more motivation to continue doing things 100%, help my teammates and the team. Competitiveness is the gene of this team, trust everyone and continue for many more years,” he said in this regard.

Another Extraordinary Award went to Alba Torrens, included in the Best Quintet of the last women’s Eurobasket. “I want to thank the people who have considered that I am here today. This summer’s medal is very valuable, both for the medal and for how we got it. It has been a team success, the youngsters have taken a step forward and the most veterans have endured the type”, he stressed.

Sergio Llull won in the category of Best Goal of the Season in Men’s Competition, as he gave Real Madrid the Euroleague title. “That basket is very special for me, it allows you to win a title, but it wouldn’t be there without a great previous job from the whole team and the ‘staff’. He didn’t have any points in the game, but he came in and we were able to celebrate. Now We are going to the World Cup with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm”, insisted the Spanish international player.


The Best National Player in International Competition, Santi Aldama, will share experiences with Llull and the Hernangómez: “I’m young, I’ve just started, very happy to be here with the team. I hope the years come and continue competing with the team. Wearing my country’s jersey is a huge source of pride, but sharing it with players and people like the ones who are here is fantastic.”

The Young Player with the Most Projection, Aday Mara, spoke about the last season: “Since the World Cup here in Malaga it has been a year of incredible experiences, with the national team, the opportunity to play quality minutes in the ACB and the European Championship in Serbia ; and share time with the absolute, which is a dream”.

Elena Buenavida, the Young Player with the Greatest Projection, could not attend the gala due to physical problems. But he sent a message: “To convey the special illusion that this award makes me, my thanks to ‘Marca’ and the Federation, and also thanking all the people who do their bit so that awards like tonight’s arrive.”

A basket in the recent Eurobasket in the match against Germany earned Leo Rodríguez the Award for Best Basket of the Season in Women’s Competition. “What I like most about this play is the shirt I’m wearing. It’s been a very nice championship, and I’m very happy to have won that medal, a large part of which was thanks to Miguel Méndez,” Rodríguez stressed.

The one named Best National Player in International Competition, Laura Quevedo, did not arrive in Malaga on time either. But in the same way he left his message through a video: “My thanks to the Federation and ‘Marca’ for this recognition, the truth is that it has been an incredible season. And I take this moment to congratulate the FEB for its 100 years of history, may there be many more”.


Raquel Carrera took the award for Best National Player. “For Valencia and for me personally it was a challenge to win this League, it was a difficult season, but we are very happy to win the first national title. In the national team, the veterans are very important, the ones who teach us how to work and transmit the values,” he said.

Sergio Rodríguez was chosen as the Best National Player. “It’s been a fantastic year, playing for Real Madrid again, winning the Euroleague and sharing it with teammates like Rudy, Sergi… We’ve enjoyed it a lot, we’ve also worked on it. It’s difficult to give a World Cup forecast, but we already know how Spain competes. Seeing them from outside I value it even more”, pointed out the Canarian point guard.

Salvadora Acosta, widow of Javier Imbroda, and her sons, Javi and Pablo, collected the two Legend Awards of the night together with Isa Sánchez. “It is a great pride for us, we are very proud of our husband and father. Thank you very much to all of you who make Javier continue to be present among us, and to tell him that we miss him very much,” Acosta highlighted.

Former international player Isa Sánchez described it as “the most emotional award” in her entire sporting career. “And my three families come together: the Federation, the Junta de Andalucía and my blood family. And it is very special to share it with the teacher Javier Imbroda, not a day goes by without us remembering him”, concluded Sánchez.