Leonor stands out and debuts a manicure in Mallorca: everything is red

The princess hurries her last days off before entering the Zaragoza Military Academy and she does it like any young woman her age: accompanied by her loved ones and spending time doing what she likes the most. This Thursday she has reappeared in Palma with her parents, her grandmother and her sister to enjoy a movie session and she has also surprised us with an unprecedented detail: a red manicure.

It is the first time that we see Leonor with painted nails, an unusual practice in European royalty by protocol (a natural enamel, nude type, is allowed). Neither her grandmother nor her mother have ever worn them so striking. However, the princess of Asturias has boasted passion red nail polish, thus demonstrating that she is a very flirtatious young woman who likes to take care of her appearance. In fact, the young woman has not left anything to chance: she has chosen a pink pleated dress to see the movie ‘Barbie.

The manicure is a concession or a whim that will not last long, since the heiress will enter the Zaragoza Military Academy on August 17 and the regulations also prohibit this type of practice. A very busy autumn awaits Leonor: on October 7, Bandera will be sworn in and on the 31st she will turn 18, a designated day that will be accompanied by a solemn act at the Palacio de Congresos in which she will have to swear to the Spanish Constitution. Perhaps the red nails that she wears this Thursday are already the last trace of a girl about to become the woman who will one day succeed the King of Spain.