Shakira, more daring than ever, dances her own hit: more than a million ‘likes’ in less than 24 hours

Summer 2010. The one from Barranquilla sweeps the World Cup in South Africa with its mythical Waka Waka. Thirteen years later and the occasional success in between, Shakira he continues to turn every lyric of his catchy songs into an anthem.

Proof of it empty cupthe theme that he launched just over a month ago with Manuel Turizo and that it broke records on Spotify with more than 14 million plays and 52 million views on YouTube in 24 hours, as reported by Sony Music.

Now that social networks like Instagram are part of our lives, the artist also knows how to take advantage of it with her songs. This Wednesday, she shared a video of the sexiest dancing on her profile with empty cup background.

With the movement of the hips that characterizes the Colombian, Shakira takes advantage of the verse that she dedicates to her ex, Gerard Piquéto fill his account with thousands of comments: “Why don’t you want when I want? You are colder than the month of January. I ask for heat and you only give ice“, sings.

The singer already has more than a million and a half “likes” and more than 10,000 comments on her publication. In addition, the video has received the like from other celebrities like Antonella Rocuzzothe woman of Leo Messi o Georgina Rodriguezthe girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

For the occasion, the interpreter of Torture He accompanies the verses of his new song with a most daring sports outfit. On top of her, Shakira wears a black crop top with two slits, which surround her abdomen. To complete the total look, the woman from Barranquilla chose black leggings that combine perfectly.