the great soccer dad with people skills

Prince William turns 42 years old. He is from the same estate as his wife, Kate, who blew out her 42 candles in her most difficult year when she faced her cancer diagnosis. The heir has lived these months with the anguish of managing his wife’s illness, seeing how her absence led to great fake news on a global level on social networks and, above all, how to communicate to his three young children that their mother is sick. and that, as she herself told the world, she will “be fine.” This Thursday night, the 20th, we saw him alongside King Frederick of Denmark in the stands of the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, where he continued England’s match against the Danes, who were tied at one.

Guillermo is a strong man. Life has made him strong. He lost his mother, Diana of Wales, when he was 15 years old and his emotional strength has always been with him. He has drawn on that strength in recent months and has become the pillar of the house. He cleared her schedule during the princess’s hospitalization and dedicated himself body and soul to caring for her and her children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Days before Kate Middleton announced her diagnosis, on March 22 through a video, the Prince of Wales, overwhelmed and distressed by the drift of false news surrounding his wife’s health, went so far as to slip at an event ” But when is this going to end?” Just a few days ago, the Princess of Wales starred in her long-awaited reappearance after almost six months of absence from public events. She was in Trooping The Colour. Kate herself announced it on her official networks, where she sent a message of tranquility and positive energy but with caution: “I also know that I am not out of danger yet.”

Guillermo is a close man. He goes down well. He has people skills. Along with Kate, he enjoys a good popularity rating in society. His public image skyrockets in popularity when he appears with his children or when he exchanges glances with his wife. According to the 2023 Ipsos survey that measures the popularity of members of the Windsor family, Kate Middleton tops the list, with 38% of the votes. She is followed by her husband, with 34%. Carlos III is placed in fifth place with 20% support.

The football prince

After Easter, the son of Carlos III resumed his in-person schedule. There have been several times that we have seen him with George in football. Father and son, Aston fans, are very football fans. They enjoy those moments of escape together. The networks fell in love with that photo in the stands of Aston’s stadium, Villa Park in Birmingham, where they faced Lille OSC and which corresponded to the UEFA quarterfinals. Last night he surprised again in Germany, where he went to cheer on the English team. Relaxed and smiling, Guillermo followed the match with Federico from Denmark.