his fortune, what he earns per concert and what he sells

A few days ago, Madrid hosted the show Bruce Springsteen at the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium for three nights. Some concerts with which his admirers were able to share again the fun and energy that the artist has exuded for more than half a century. The Boss left Spain with a happy heart and a full pocket, because he pocketed a whopping 25 million euros for the three performances.

The figure, estimated by the organizers, comes in part from the sale of tickets, whose price ranged between 65 and 128 euros, and a total of 170,000 people attended. With these numbers, it is clear that a tour is a great deal for the artist. The current one was made up of 22 musical events but now we must subtract the four days that Springsteen had to cancel due to throat problems. Specifically, he canceled the concerts in Marseille, Prague and two in Milan.

The truth is that when Bruce is on tour, his annual income is around $80 million, an amount that adds to his net worth at 74 years old: $650 million. In his nearly five-decade career, he has sold 140 million albums, making him one of the 35 most listened to music artists in music history. A talent that has been recognized with numerous awards: 20 Grammys, four American Music Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and an Oscar for Best Original Song for his iconic Streets of Philadelphia.

This latest visit by Springsteen has been his twelfth to Madrid since he landed for the first time in 1988. The singer has visited a multitude of venues in the capital, from the Vicente Calderón stadium to the Palacio de los Deportes and the bullring of The Sales. His return to the Metropolitano has been a memorable event in musical history, the same place he visited in 1999 and 2003 when he was still La Peineta.