Terelu Campos reveals how she received the pregnancy and speaks for the first time about her future mother-in-law, Mar Flores: “I found out suddenly”

“I found out about Alejandra’s pregnancy suddenly”. These are the words of Terelu Campos in Friday!, a program where she gave an interview about her daughter’s pregnancy. Telecinco has broadcast a preview of the program with the first and long-awaited statements from María Teresa Campos’ daughter, who, as was planned this Thursday, was preparing to sit on the sets again these days. Informalia He already spoke about the presenter’s negotiations with Telecinco to manage her return to Mediaset.

Carmen Borrego’s sister will break her silenceSo, two days after knowing the future of Alejandra Rubio, 24, and Carlo Costanzia, 31.

In his interview with Hello -magazine that would have paid up to 85,000 euros to the young people for making the bombshell-, the future mother said that Terelu “freaked out” with the advertisement, but that she supported her at all times. Carmen Borrego, for her part, said that in the family things were in order and that a baby is always well received, especially when two people are “in love.”

“I said: ‘Ah, okay’. Don’t have the slightest doubt. I’m going to be here. Whatever decision you make,” says Terelu in the Beatriz Archidona and Santi Acosta space. Some words that come after knowing the reaction of her daughter’s father, Alejandro Rubio, who does not seem to be so calm about this situation. “This is what it is, what are we going to do?”The businessman told the press, who believes that Alejandra and Carlo “are too young.”

On the other hand, Terelu is also pronounced in Friday! about the fact that Mar Flores is going to be his mother-in-law. These days it has been said that the two do not get along, among other reasons, because Alejandra’s mother is a great friend of Núria González, the widow of businessman Fernando Fernández Tapias, Mar’s ex. “Carlo’s mother and I have no relationship because we have never had one”. The rest of the statements will be known this Friday night in full prime time.

Alejandra and Carlo, who have been dating for five months, have been waiting for their baby for three. Therefore, the baby is expected to be born in December of this year. The protagonists of this story, who have taken refuge in Formentera after announcing their pregnancy, saw each other for the first time in the corridors of Telecinco, when the second went to Friday! to talk about the dramas of his childhood. Afterwards, he texted her and they went on her first date.