Julen Jon Guerrero points to a great future as a soccer player. The son of the great former Athletic player has scored consecutively in the last eight games he has played with Real Madrid's Juvenil B, according to data provided by the Twitter account @FabricaMadrid that follows the news of the white quarry.

The footballer born in Bilbao on April 14, 2004 is the top scorer of his team and the second in the league in his category.

Julen jon He belongs to the Juvenil C squad, but he is playing with the superior team, where he has taken on a leading role under the orders of Javier Vazquez. He belonged to Malaga from 2011 to 2018. Later, he joined the Madrid youth squad, where he has been climbing the ranks: Infant A (2017-2018), Cadet B (2018-2019), Cadet A (2019-2020) and Juvenil C.

“Left-handed player but with good handling of both legs. He has extensive technical resources and great ball hitting. His style is very offensive, has scoring ability and associative ability. He has a good reading of the game and ease to attend ”. This is how the merengue club itself defines it on its website. He says he participates in the making of the game “and I like to finish.”

(+) This is how Julen Jon scores in the Real Madrid youth team:

He bears a great physical resemblance to his father, with the same mane so characteristic of the '8' rojiblanco, but he is left-handed and wears number 10 on his back. In any case, he points out great ways for a footballer to be signed by Athletic.

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