With the signings of Valencia Club de Fútbol, ​​that famous quote reflected in the Bible that dictates has been fulfilled “the last will be the first“. To this day, both Francisco Ferro, like Christian Oliva and Patrick Cutrone have already debuted with the elastic che, however, whoever it was first in strengthening the entity, Cristiano Piccini, not only has he not played is that nor has it been summoned.

Today marks a month since the Italian side returned to the capital of Turia after his failed assignment to Atalanta and it is still working on its tune-up after that kneecap rupture that it suffered in July 2019. Piccini returned to Valencia convinced that he could play as soon as possibleHowever, he soon realized that having been one year injured and six months apart for his conflict with Gasperini it was a bill that physically would take time to pay.

Thus, Cristiano has gone from training alone, to warming up with the team to currently complete half of the sessions with the group, but not the partidillos. However, the player has a path that he hopes to fulfill. The footballer and the coaching staff have agreed that the Italian complete workouts starting next week if everything evolves as planned and there are no punctures that slow down your recovery – something that has already happened on occasion. And if we talk about play again, Cristiano hopes that in approximately 15-20 days the option to return to a call be a reality.

In any case, the reincorporation to the calls and their staging will be gradually. Piccini has the clear and firm intention of finish the season at a good level and progressively enter the rosters, however, knowing that It will take you to be ready to play 90 minutes many weeks, in addition, the medical and technical staff will not take any risk and despite their expectations, if there are setbacks, the process will start again.

Valencia Shield / Flag

In any case, his main objective is to finish the course at a good level to face the 2021/2022 preseason as one more. The Italian international is fully aware that the next campaign is going to be one of the most important of his career. With the contract with the club that expires in June 2022 and after having spent a year and a half without playing, reaching the highest level is the only thing he has between his eyebrows. Thus, put simply and reductionistly, Piccini wants to start to revive within 15-20 days, to return to being the one he was from next summer, However, his recovery will be subject to an evolution that has not always occurred as expected and has already delayed him more than expected.

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