The Federation announces legal measures against Tamara Ramos for her “very serious and false” accusations about Rubiales

Luis Rubiales is in the forefront of news for the controversial kiss without consent What did he give to the soccer player? Jenni Beautiful in full celebration of the World Cup. Added to this is the testimony of Tamara Ramosthe former marketing director of the AFE, Association of Spanish Soccer Players, who assures that she suffered workplace harassment by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

“I have lived it and I have suffered it. Humiliation, words that I cannot repeat due to the schedule, but it has been outrageous for a long time. I am not at all surprised by what is happening”, Ramos has recounted in the summer program this Wednesday.

In addition, she has stated that Rubiales asked her intimate questions, “such as what color underwear are you wearing today and how do you feel, being a woman in the world of soccer…”. She even says that she lived an episode in front of Casillas and Piqué: “With the sarcasm she has of laughing, she told me ‘come on, you’ve come to put on your knee pads'”.

Now, the Federation has responded with a statement in which it denies Tamara’s words and describes them as “very serious”. “The Royal Spanish Football Federation regrets and denounces the very serious AND FALSE accusations made by Tamara Ramos, a former co-worker of President Luis Rubiales when he headed the AFE union.”

From the RFEF they also announce legal measures against Ramos for his testimony. “Immediate legal measures have been taken on the understanding that statements of such magnitude and so defamatory cannot be tolerated that the only thing they want is to damage the image of Luis Rubiales by taking advantage of the current media stream,” they explain.

They state, on the other hand, that “Mrs. Ramos has also maintained personal contact with President Luis Rubiales throughout this time and has even sent him family images, congratulated him on his birthday, and even recently asked him for a job at the Federation”.