Ramón Chippirrás, Rodolfo Sancho’s false lawyer who is not actually registered as such

“The parents of daniel sancho lawyers are hired Carmen Balfagon y Ramon Chippirrás to collaborate in the defense of the young man arrested in Thailand for the murder and subsequent dismemberment of the Colombian Edwin Arrieta”. This was the news that ran through many newsrooms when it became known that these two professionals would practice as lawyers and spokespersons for the family in Spain.

Before being hired, Balfagón and Chippirrás were already sitting on different television sets offering their opinion as commentators. They appeared on the shows as lawyers and criminologists. Their appearances were distributed very well: Carmen went to those of Telecinco and Ramón to Antena 3. They were in many spaces. They defended the same theory: that there was a third person in this crime, since Daniel Sancho could not do it alone. This encouraged Rodolfo Sancho y Silvia Bronchalo to hire them.

However, Informalia has learned that Ramón Chippirrás is not a lawyer. Despite the fact that he presents himself as a lawyer and is presented as such on television programs, the partner of Carmen Balfagon he is not a lawyer. As Informalia has been able to verify in the census of the Bar Association, he is not a member. Yes he is as a criminologist.

And if he is not registered, he is not a lawyer. Justice itself says so. According to the Supreme Court, in a judgment of November 1990, “A lawyer is that person who, in possession of the title of Bachelor of Law […] joins a Bar Association and performs the acts of this profession…”. Therefore, in order to be considered a lawyer, one must be a member of the Bar Association. Not only that, the General Statute of the Legal Profession itself in its article 4 states the following : “The name of lawyer corresponds exclusively to those who are incorporated into a Bar Association as practitioners.”

Therefore, Chippirrás cannot say that he is a lawyer and therefore cannot identify himself as such or speak as such. Yes, he is a graduate, he graduated in Law last year, but it is not the same.

It is true that the role as spokespersons for Balfagón and Chipirrás on television programs is also generating a lot of controversy. They are developing a spokesperson role in an unorthodox way, participating more as talk show hosts in the programs that deal with the issue than as representatives of the Sancho family before the media. If that were the case, they would speak just enough and have public appearances open to all media.

In fact, this role as talk show hosts is causing them some confrontations with other collaborators, as happened last Sunday in the program Summer party, where Carmen lived face to face with the psychologist Lara Ferreiro that ended with a warning of Carmen Balfagon to report it to the College of Psychologists.