This new ‘coronavirus’ football has things like that in the first leg of a round of 16 of the Champions League the full of visiting triumphs has been touched. It is true that the teams that act as such come from being first in the group, and as such, generally enjoy the role of favorites to achieve the pass, but the record of victories that occurred in this 2020/21 season seems to have more to do with the fact that it is played to empty door that with the commented thing.

Of the eight games played, there has been only one local victory, that of Porto before the Juventus 2-1, and up to seven victories for the visitors. He won PSG before him Barça (1-4), the Liverpool in front of Leipzig (0-2), the Dortmund in Seville (2-3), the Chelsea before him Atlético de Madrid (0-1), the Bayern Front of Lazio (1-4), the Real Madrid before the Atalanta (0-1) and Manchester City in front of Borussia M’Gladbach (0-2).

Last year (2019/20), 4 home wins, 1 draw and 3 wins visitors. Previous (2018/19), the score was 3, 2, 4. In the course 2017/18 the thing was a 3, 4, 1. And so on one can go looking at past seasons to realize that this course is neither normal nor a mere coincidence.

The 'field factor' has disappeared. Or at least, it has dissipated. More if possible in cases such as the tie between Atlético de Madrid and the Chelsea, Y Gladbach Y Manchester City, where he Athletic and the Gladbach, who had to work as locals and therefore not have to travel, they moved like their rivals because certain countries do not allow the entry of travelers passing through England (as a preventive measure against the British strain of the coronavirus) .

Football has changed, and until the damn coronavirus disappears, it will not only leave us gray stamps like those of the empty stands, but it will also influence the results themselves. I refer to the tests.

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Gabby Barker
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