The differences between Borja Thyssen’s sisters

Time flies, and if not, just ask Carmen Cervera (81). Her twin daughters, Carmen and Sabina, will come of age this Saturday, July 6, an event that they will celebrate this weekend with an intimate, family event in which, of course, the Baroness will be present, who has spent a few days in Marbella meeting her commitments as president of the board of trustees of the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga, among other matters.

It was 2006, in Los Angeles, when summer had just begun and Carmen and Sabina were born. They were born through surrogacy and, since then, their mother has been committed to ensuring that their lives could enjoy all kinds of facilities. Therefore, after finishing their high school studies, after the summer months they will embark on new paths. Of course, each one has opted for a different one, according to her passions and needs.

As Borja Thyssen’s mother explained to HelloCarmen will study Business Administration and International Relations, preparing for her future “while being aware of her responsibilities with the family business and with the art world in which she is involved.” “I have never told them what they have to do because I believe that they should be the ones who choose. You can advise them, of course, without forcing them. I would like them to dedicate themselves to managing the museums that we have and Carmen is determined to do so,” she added.

Although Harvard University was initially considered, he will ultimately remain in Spain, and after passing the selection process of several of the most prestigious business schools in the country, he will make his final decision in the coming days.

Sabina, who is “more shy and introverted than her sister,” is leaning towards the arts: she plays the piano, sings (she has been taking classes for years and has a soprano tone) and draws, so her education will continue in that direction. Probably not at university.