Muñoz Escassi’s trans lover debuts in the gossip press on Wednesday

The tsunami of a week that María José Suárez and Álvaro Muñoz Escassi have experienced with their unfriendly breakup is going to continue writing new chapters in the gossip press. Readers of Informalia They know perfectly well the chronology of the events that have been published in detail. María José announced in the magazine Hello She had separated from Escassi because she needed to spend more time with her son. It was surprising but not frightening. A few days later she went on a cruise with her child, invited by the company, and with a couple of friends. Her surprise was that the rider decided to buy a ticket to spend those days on the cruise together and try to recover his best moments with the Sevillian. On the high seas, the couple resumed their passion and delighted their followers on their social networks, with images in the jacuzzi in a super loving way or on the stern happy and willing to give each other a new opportunity. They were enjoying themselves like the lovers who starred in the episodes of vacations at sea.

But on her return, the Sevillian discovers an email where the lover of the man she thought was her boyfriend tells her in detail about the sexual encounters they had, giving enough details for María José to understand that it was not a bluff. She has more than her fair share of words with Escassi, and ends a relationship that she had bet a lot on despite everything that had happened before they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

The next scene features the horseman attending the Turronero party, and becoming the faithful companion of the actress Hiba Abouk who came with her children and Nanni. There were no kisses, but there was a lot of flirting and a lot of helpful gentleman for a Hiba who until that moment was enchanted.

It was precisely the jealousy of knowing that she had been deceived that made María José, or rather, one of her close friends, speak to some journalists to reveal the content of that email, Álvaro’s infidelity and the identity of the lover. It has already been learned that she is a transsexual of Colombian origin who had a painful past even on a television program, where she denounced harassment and violence against trans people and demanded that Álvaro pay her in advance for the services provided.

Tonight, I don’t know what Escassi is going to say on Telecinco’s De Viernes program, but he will surely go with the story that his relationship with María José was not what we all believed, that they had had many crises, that in those moments of breakup he had lost himself with other women, and that he does not owe a penny to Valerie, the name of his trans lover, although before she was called Bryan. The rider will try to clean up his image as best he can, and he has reached an agreement with Valerie through a payment this time made, where he promised to delete all the intimate messages, photos and videos of the couple. But that commitment is not there or at least it is not absolute since we have been able to confirm through the representative of this woman that next week she will also debut in the gossip press, according to what they tell me in the magazine Readingsto tell their story, its lights and shadows and the reason for that email that ended the relationship between María José and Álvaro.

After the magazine, it will be time for television and everything indicates that Valerie is here to stay. In the end, all the protagonists are going to take advantage of a scandal that at other times would have made them lock themselves in at home, but which today they are even going to end up boasting about. At the moment, the only one who is silent and horrified is María José Suárez, who has enough to do with healing the wounds of her heart and trying to turn the page as quickly as possible. That is her intention, although as things stand, it would not be strange if María José, after listening to the testimonies of her boyfriend and lover, ended up posing elated in the magazine Hola to tell how she feels and how she has lived through this tsunami of public and notorious cuckolding with complaints, accusations of fraud, financial agreements… and that is without going into the intimate details. For the moment.