They claim that Escassi pretended to be María José Suárez to contact other women

When we thought that the soap opera of the summer had reached its peak, new information arrives that gives an unexpected twist to the story. The soap opera starring Alvaro Muñoz Escassi It has more chapters than Grey’s Anatomy And the latest has been revealed by Amor Romeira, who claims to have a new and surprising testimony: a woman with whom the rider also had sexual relations while he was with María José Suárez and whom he contacted by pretending to be the model.

“This is very powerful information that could change the course of events,” he said. “There is new testimony, I have had access to the evidence and I have compared it, and it is very strong. I put myself in María José Suárez’s shoes and it must have been very hard to have lived these three years with a stranger. Knowing her as I do, I would never have spent three wonderful years with him if I had known what was going on. I wouldn’t want to have him as a partner.”

The commentator has spoken at length in front of the cameras Europa Press and has given some details about this new chapter: “There is another testimony and it is very strong. She is another woman with whom Álvaro Muñoz Escassi contacted, pretending to be María José Suárez, he pretended to be her with the people with whom he was unfaithful.“, he revealed. “That person is already talking and I have all the evidence.”

Escassi, in Friday

The tsunami is already unstoppable and the rider knows it. VC, the Colombian trans woman with whom he cheated on María José and left her with a debt of 1,700 euros, has already hired a representative to tell her story in the media and she would not be the only one. For his part, Suárez is in contact with Susanna Griso and could offer an interview in Public mirror in the coming days.

Escassi, aware of what is coming, has been ahead of them all and sits down this Friday with Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta to talk about everything that has happened. In his first statements he admitted having had sexual relations with other women but justified that it was during periods of crisis, when the couple was taking a break. The model immediately denied it: “I just found out that at some point in these three years we had broken up,” she said furiously. The anger of the Sevillian is stratospheric: “He tries to whitewash his infidelities.”