This Tuesday it emerged that the Prosecutor’s Office is opposed to requesting the extraction of Daniel Sancho to be tried in Spain for another alleged crime. Rodolfo Sancho’s son In 2019, he allegedly carried out an attack on José Abascal Street in Madrid, in the sought-after district of Chamberí. The procedure is pending appointment for trial, but a date for the oral trial has not been set.

The prosecutor, however, stated in his writing: “In terms of civil liability, the accused will compensate JC in the sum of 600 euros for the injuries and in the sum of €1,500 for the consequences, and in the amount in which assess in the sentence the dental treatment necessary to replace the teeth.”

Sancho Gracia’s grandson allegedly punched the victim, breaking his upper right incisor tooth. In addition, the affected person received five stitches.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, which is asking for a year in prison for him, describes the facts as a crime of injuries provided for and punishable in article 147.1 of the Penal Code. The accused is responsible for the aforementioned crime as author in accordance with articles 27 and 28.1 of the penal code.

On November 30, 2021, the Investigative Court No. 21 of Madrid issued an order to open the oral trial, which was notified to the accused personally on January 18, 2022, so the only thing left was to set the date for the start of the hearing. oral.

The 29-year-old chef has been in preventive prison in Thailand since August 7 for the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, a crime that he himself confessed to the Thai authorities. His father visited him two weeks ago, although he has already returned to Fuerteventura with his wife, also an actress. Xenia Tostado. The his mother, Silvia Bronchaloit does remain in the Asian country.