The details of Broncano’s armored contract at RTVE: two years, 14 million per season and a shorter Telediario

The signing of David Broncano for RTVE to compete against The Anthillas Informalia reported in the scoop on February 28, broke out the war at the top of the public channel and took down two heads: that of the president, Elena Sánchez, who remains as advisor, and that of the director of Contents, José Pablo López, main supporter of the operation promoted by the Presidency of the Government to deactivate Pablo Motos, scourge of Pedro Sánchez.

Conchi Cascajosa, the new president of the Corporation, has as Moncloa’s first task to carry out the signing of the presenter at the meeting that will be held this Thursday, as we have explained, and in which a contract with new conditions will be put on the table. which both sides have given up some ground to make the white smoke possible in a vote that is expected to be very close.

Let us remember that, at first, RTVE intended to hire Broncano for three seasons at a rate of 14 million euros each. The councilors shot down this proposal – Elena Sánchez voted against – and were only willing to discuss an agreement for two years. The presenter, for his part, was willing to give in and sign that duration, but in no case was he going to go down from there.

This is the new contract that TVE offers to Broncano

Well, the new contract that will be discussed this Thursday contemplates an agreement between RTVE and the production companies Encofrados Encofrasa, owned by Broncano, and El Terrat with a duration of two seasons and a maximum budget of 14.076.135 euros for each of these two courses, the one that runs from September 2024 to June 2025 and the one that will start in September 2025 and will last until June 2026.

The resistance, if Broncano’s new program is called that, it will be broadcast on La 1’s access prime time, at 9:45 p.m. because, as we said, the objective is to erode Pablo Motos. And this will cause Telediario 2, the most important of the network, to see its duration reduced by a quarter of an hour to fit Broncano’s space, which will be lengthened from 70 to 80 minutes.

The first season of The resistance on TVE it will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday, as The Anthill, and will consist of about 160 deliveries. It will stop at Christmas and could also disappear on days when there is football or other special events. In any case, A minimum of 155 issues is established (87,795 euros each), so that The minimum turnover of the production company will be 13,608,225 euros.

TVE undertakes not to cancel the program in its first season. The second year you can move it to another slot, for example take it to late night, or reach another agreement with the production company. You can only cancel it when four months have passed since the second course. in case it does not reach the set audience objective, which is 7.5% if it continues to occupy access at that time, and 8% if it has already been relocated to late night. In any case, These are very poor data that are even below the chain’s average (9.2% in March). In fact, the 7.5% that would be required of Broncano at the time of El Hormiguero is less than what La 1 now achieves with the series 4 stars and, of course, it is less than half of what Motos does on Antena 3.

Another detail that draws attention in the contract that RTVE has prepared for approval at the board of directors this Thursday is the fact that the imposition of Jorge Ponce and Ricardo Castella as collaborators of the program, in addition to Broncano himself. Their participation will be indisputable and they are recognized for their “production and creative freedom.” Of course, the public channel asks that they adhere to the RTVE style book to avoid controversies, something that is linked to The resistance, where its contents are quite controversial and very difficult to export to a public channel in which Broncano will not be able to ask his guests how many times they have had sex or if they masturbate often. In this sense, as we recently analyzed, if he wants to compete against Pablo Motos he will have to make more open and familiar content. In short, more similar to El Hormiguero.