Maximum pressure for the Onieva family since the hurricane of engagement, the images of Íñigo kissing a woman who was not Tamara Falcó, the non-wedding and the subsequent breakup. All this in two days is a lot to manage. Carolina Molas, mother of the infidel, exploded a few days ago.

Unable to contain her tears, the businessman’s mother demanded that the press please leave her alone, assuring that she was not going to make any statements about her son’s private life and asking that she please be left out of the breakup of Inigo and Tamara.

Shortly after, it transpired that Carolina had put land in between and had gone on a trip to flee from the cameras that have become a constant at the doors of the family home, trying to capture the first image of the engineer after the scandal.

Back in Madrid, Íñigo Onieva’s mother, overwhelmed but calmer than a few days ago, made a desperate request to the press when we asked her what she thinks of Tamara having confessed that she does not hate her son but that what transmits is pity: “Please don’t take me out, don’t take me out” he has begged with downcast head.