These days, a confrontation between Glory Camilla y Kiko Hernandez has resurrected the issue of former big brother cancer after the daughter of Ortega Cano She would blame him for inventing the disease and he would reply that his father had killed someone. Kiko ended up implying that her cancer was an invention of the press. But the newspaper library is stubborn.

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On Saturday, September 20, 2008, Telecinco broadcast the ferris wheeland there a conversation took place between Mercedes Dear and Kiko Hernandez. The presenter and Hernández spoke publicly and live about the former contestant’s pancreatic cancer. the ferris wheel was one of the talk shows that we can call predecessors of the current Deluxe. Presented by Jordi González and produced by La Fábrica de la tele, it was the space in which the interview with the mother of El Cuco, one of those accused of the crime of Marta del Castillo, was broadcast. That broadcast on October 29, 2011 caused a major leak from advertisers that caused a major break in the Mediaset España accounts. Over time, it disappeared from the grill.

But three and a half years before the scandal caused by inviting Cuco’s mother to the space, Mercedes Milá attended the program and spoke with Kiko Hernández, who reappeared with great expectation after several months absent to recover from the cancer that he himself had announced. publicly on your chain. “Everything has gone well, they have operated on you, you have been treated, you are in the movies and the doctor does not want to see you until December,” Mercedes Milá told Kiko at the beginning of her interview. Kiko answered like this: “I want to thank all the people who have had a minute to send me a message, to call me or who have thought of me during these months that I have had this flu, because it has been a flu that has already spread to me. happened with Frenadol”, expressed Kiko using that euphemism and without pronouncing the word cancer. Mercedes Milá, who has never minced words, told Kiko that “when you have cancer, there are people who come up and want to share it. Others, on the contrary, don’t even want to hear about that disease. Every one reacts in a different way, not to speak or speak”. She then said that Kiko was one of those who preferred not to go any further with the subject of her illness. The debater continued with his thanks to those who had encouraged him during his treatment: “Those people have helped me a lot. I’m fine, I’m active again, Big Brother starts tomorrow and I’m crazy because this is blessed glory,” said Kiko.

Mercedes Milá, who at that time was almost like the teacher of all the great brothers, then lashed out at him with this notice, after years of controversial and cruel disqualifications from Kiko to characters of the heart and to other of his classmates from the different programs in which To date, he had intervened after leaving the Guadalix house years ago: “I hope you have softened a bit, Kiko,” warned the veteran presenter. Kiko lowered his head and apologized like this: “I used to have bad milk. Now it’s skimmed milk and even semi-skimmed milk. Now I’ve stayed in the middle of the middle of the middle,” he said, referring to how he was after the treatment to which he had undergone to overcome cancer as complicated as pancreatic cancer. “I played the idiot for two years of my life. You can do an analysis of a contest without disrespecting people and me, watching videos of Martian Chronicles the en by your side I’ve been scared,” he whispered. “Thank God when I was in Big Brother and I came out I did not find such a beast, “he added, acknowledging his excesses. “I understand how many contestants did not want to come to the programs because they destroyed them, and I was part of that destruction,” he admitted. “To all those people who I I have disrespected him, from here I ask your forgiveness,” he said.

The day before the broadcast of this program, Vertele thus announced the return of the former contestant after his prolonged absence: “Kiko Hernández, the one who was a contestant on big brother 3 and well-known debater on television, reappears for the first time this Saturday in the ferris wheel after pancreatic cancer that has kept him away from the small screen for more than six months,” read the note.

“He won’t beat me”

He remembered the portal specialized in television issues that months ago, the former big brother had gone to a clinic for a medical check-up and that in that routine examination he was diagnosed with the disease, as he himself had announced. They said that he went to the doctor because he had discomfort but that he thought it was the consequence of a tropical disease that he caught on a trip to Nicaragua with an NGO. “He’s not going to beat me,” Kiko said after hearing the news.