Danish football coach Kasper Hjulmand criticized UEFA on Wednesday for not providing vaccines to all Euro Cup teams, and take as an example what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) did.

“If you look at the total, these are small amounts. Most (European) countries have vaccinated risk groups. Nobody wants a vaccine that goes to someone who needs it most, but we are not in that situation. I was hoping we would have done the same as the IOC“Hjulmand lamented at a press conference.

Hjulmand, who has previously been critical of the UEFA decision, referred to the positives detected in Spain and Sweden and showed his fear for how the situation could evolve.

“I am worried that it will get worse, I am worried about the Swedes and the Spaniards if infections continue to occur. It would be a shame. We want a European Championship where the best are under the best conditions. The best players have to play for their national teams, “he said.

What happened to these selections it is a warning of how “fragile” the situation is, that the pandemic is not over and that the implanted “bubbles” are “the right thing to do.”

Preventing a player from getting coronavirus is so important that Hjulmand considers it just another part of the competition. “It is a competitive element in the final phase that the virus does not affect you,” he admitted.

Denmark, like the majority of countries competing in the tournament, has refused to vaccinate its players before it is their turn for their group old, although some have been inoculated in the countries where they compete with their respective clubs.