‘The Crown’ warms up: Guillermo and Kate Middleton’s courtship at uni and that transparent dress

The new and highly anticipated Netflix series documents the vicissitudes of the Windsors from 1997, the year of the fateful death of Diana of Wales, until 2005. During this period, very young William and Kate enter the scene, played by actors Ed McVey (22 years old). ) and Meg Bellamy (20). They recreate their years of study at St Andrews University in Scotland and their early courtship flirtations. Including that university event in which Kate Middleton appeared in a transparent dress.

The Crown Picks up in the new season that episode in which Kate walked down the catwalk in a transparent lingerie-style dress that she bought for 30 pounds (about 35 euros), as the producers of the acclaimed series have reported. This anecdote occurred in 2002 and took place at a university fashion event. Remember Daily Mail that could be the spark that ignited the flame of love and passion between them.

The scenes of Prince William and his girlfriend have been recorded in real settings on the Scottish campus. Some students have shared on TikTok that Meg, the actress who plays Kate, wears a navy blue jacket with a skirt and knee-high boots. Along with her, Ed (Guillermo) walks. The relationship is forging.