The fight between the princesses Elena and Cristina due to the bad influence of Victoria Federica on Irene Urdangarin

What Victoria Federica now bears the title of the most partying granddaughter of Juan Carlos I it’s not lying The 22-year-old girl has made all the famous partying of froilan stay in the past. He has helped, however, that his brother has gone to live in Abu Dhabi, where he does not have the same media interest and there is no paparazzi following.

Much has been said these days about the night out of the influencer of our Royal Family with her cousin, Irene Urdangarin, 18 years old, in Madrid. According to her, she transcended, the party ended in style, even, with a kiss from Vic to the son of the model Valeria Mazza.

That the youngest of the Urdangarin family is in the forefront of news for a party is not something that her mother likes. The infanta christina She has made an effort to give her children an exemplary education and Irene has maintained a very discreet life in Switzerland. And so she has made it known to her sister, the infanta elena.

according to account confidential monarchy, the sisters have had a heated argument over this cousin spree. Cristina believes that Vic has led her daughter “on the wrong path”, that she is not used to her steps having so much media coverage. Although Irene insisted to her mother that it had been a party “without bad intentions”, the former Duchess of Palma does not see her niece’s lifestyle well.

Cristina’s daughter and Iñaki Urdangarin He will begin his studies in September in a very elite hotel center that trains its students to be future directors and managers of important hotel complexes. The daughter of Jaime de MarichalarFor his part, he is in Marbella speeding up the summer and enjoying concerts such as the Black Eyed Peas at the Starlite Occident Festival.