Historic Atlanta prison mugshot of Trump: his perfect ‘super bronze’ makeup and an angry gesture

White male, 97 kilos and 1.92 meters tall. This is what the police file of former United States President Donald Trump says, the first in history to be recorded. They have also taken his fingerprints. Trump has turned to X (Twitter), where he has shared the image that was taken this Thursday the 24th in the Fulton County jail, in Atlanta (Georgia). Above, his arrival at the Atlanta airport this morning on Friday, August 25.

Trump’s attention to detail gritting his teeth. Angry and angry frown. A gesture that he has staged with perfect make-up: that thick super-tanned dark color make-up base that he always wears. He has also searched for her blue suit, red tie and white shirt, the symbolic colors of the US flag. Her platinum blonde bangs, perfectly laced.

Trump, who had last tweeted on January 8, 2021, two days after the assault on the Capitol, has accompanied the publication of his image with a message in which he reiterates that this case is about “electoral interference.” In addition, he includes a link to his website, where he has written that “in the notoriously violent Fulton County Jail” he has been “arrested despite committing no crime.”

His lawyers have been in charge of depositing the bail of 200,000 dollars (185,000 euros). After the deposit, Trump has been released.