The conversation between Daniel Sancho’s lawyer and the Thai judge is leaked: Colombian mafia and threats

The trickle of information continues about the murder of surgeon Edwin Arrieta at the hands of Rodolfo Sancho’s son, according to his own confession. Daniel admitted to the Thai police that he had killed his friend with a blow after he allegedly threatened to publish sexual images of both of them to cause a media scandal in Spain and destroy his family. Now, Sancho’s lawyer, a criminal expert hired by his family, even talks about the “Colombian mafia.”

The program Code 10 has revealed a conversation between the lawyer and the judge investigating the case, in which the former insists on the desperate situation in which his client found himself: “Actually, he was the victim of the surgeon. He had been pressured and intimidated by the other. He was worried about his family’s safety. So he had to…” says Khun Anan. “The Colombian has mafia relatives and he also has money. He says he is capable of hiring anyone to harm him and his family.”

Some words that fit with the last message that Daniel Sancho himself sent to his friends before entering preventive detention last Sunday: “I’m sorry that you have to go through this. I was defending my life and that of the people I love. Someday You will know the whole truth.”

The lawyer also explains to the judge why Sancho would have chosen Thailand to carry out the crime, thus admitting that the murder would have been premeditated: “The doctor from Colombia is famous, that’s why he couldn’t do this in his country, so He came to do it in another country”.