Isabel Díaz Ayuso chooses Ibiza to rest with her boyfriend after losing the child they were expecting

The president of the Community of Madrid adores Ibiza and has chosen the island to rest with her boyfriend after the blow of losing the son she was expecting, as she announced a few weeks ago.

Ayuso regains strength on the Pitiusa island, specifically, in the Portinatx area, according to The world, in the northern part, perhaps the area less “invaded” by parties and disco nights in Ibiza. Together with her boyfriend, she has been seen in a well-known restaurant known for its rice dishes and seafood, such as lobster with fried eggs and potatoes.

It is not the first time that we have seen it in the Balearic Islands. In 2021, she also traveled with Alberto González to the island. He is undoubtedly her best support after she miscarried when she was eight weeks pregnant.

Ayuso, who turns 45 in October, has already said publicly that he is aware that “time is passing.” The baby he was expecting was highly desired and the loss was a very hard blow for the Madrid woman. “They were very excited,” he declared. Federico Jimenez Losantos, on the radio when he heard the sad news. Isabel Díaz Ayuso returned to work just 48 hours after her surgery and she received the love and understanding of both her party members and the opposition members in the Plenary Assembly of Madrid. The president of the Community of Madrid also received numerous expressions of support on social networks.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has been in a relationship with this 47-year-old health technician for more than two years. After the joy that she received last May, when she with an absolute majority revalidated her position as president, she suffered one of the hardest blows of her life. She had to be operated on urgently after losing the baby she was expecting with her boyfriend.

In 2021 we reported on the new relationship of the president of the Community of Madrid, who days later was caught by paparazzi precisely in Ibiza, the island to which she has now returned. “I am not very happy with what has been published. She is not a public person and I want to keep part of my life private,” she said then, implying that she did not feel comfortable in gossip magazines. .

But with his words he actually confirmed the relationship. In November we learned that she had broken up with Jairo Alonso, the stylist and childhood friend with whom, after meeting again, she had a four-year relationship. It was during the coronavirus pandemic that she met Alberto González, although their relationship began a few months later.

Alberto González is a health technician, is divorced like Ayuso and is the father of three children. He maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife.

The president of the CAM is not given to airing her private life and it is not frequent to see her accompanied at public events. However, in October 2021 she went with her boyfriend to an event held in Madrid as part of the Hispanic Festival.

On July 6, during the concert that singer Robbie Williams offered at the Mad Cool festival in the capital, we also saw Ayuso and Alberto González. By then, they knew they were expecting their first child together.

Regarding her wishes to be a mother, Ayuso told Bertín Osborne: “I have considered it, but due to different circumstances I have not done it in the end. I wish I had dared before, but if I did, I would like to do it with someone, ” he pointed.