Rauw Alejandro enjoyed a luxury Caribbean villa with Ester Expósito when he was still dating Rosalía

The break between the interpreter of Motomami and the one who was her fiancé has been one of the surprises of the summer. The couple, who got engaged last Christmas, announced their separation after intense rumors of infidelity by Raw Alejandro with a Colombian model. Now a new and surprising piece of information is leaking: the artist also enjoyed a weekend in the Caribbean with Esther Exposito.

It was in June 2021, so Rauw Alejandro had been formally dating Rosalía for two years. According to the magazine Week, The Puerto Rican met with the protagonist of Elite in Dominican Republic, specifically in a luxurious venue called Villa Tartaruga, where the price per night exceeds 12,000 euros. They shared images on social networks, but always alone and separately.

In fact, they say that Rauw Alejandro pushed his discretion to the limit to the point that he did not want to register with his name at the tourist complex, something that he finally had to do for security reasons. They were accompanied by a friend of Ester’s and Rauw’s assistant and they assure that neither left the villa during the almost 72 hours they stayed there.

Not surprising considering the accommodation: eight rooms with sea views in a 3,000-square-meter villa located on a plot of almost 6,000. Located in front of the Caribbean Sea, it has a swimming pool, gym, cinema, chill out area and even a private chef.

Rosalia said ‘enough’

The news of the sentimental break between Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro hit the media just two weeks ago, although it occurred much earlier. The singer himself issued a statement assuring that it was in March that they ended the romance, despite the fact that they continued to pretend to the public that their wedding was still on. He also stated that there were no third parties and that a separation “can occur for many reasons.”

Now it is also known, due to the close environment of both, that it was she who ended the relationship and that she did it in Barcelona. Now both are in Miami, separately, and focused on their respective careers.