The COE Maternity and Sports Commission works on new proposals for conciliation

He will propose to the IOC to create a care service and a breastfeeding room in the Olympic village and freeze the ranking of mother athletes from the announcement of their pregnancy to their first competition


The Maternity and Sports Commission of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), chaired by the Olympic medalist Ona Carbonell and which has been working for a year for conciliation in high-performance sport, held a new meeting this Monday to advance new proposals that allow combine motherhood and sports.

During the course of the session, two initiatives were developed. On the one hand, the Commission will request the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to create a special care service and a breastfeeding room in the Olympic village so that athletes with children under 18 months can attend during the Olympic Games. with them to the appointment. This space must have professional staff so that while the mother athletes are training or competing, the children are cared for. This request will be extended to organizers of international competitions.

On the other hand, it will also propose to international federations the development of homogeneous regulations that ensure the freezing of the position in the ranking of those athletes who decide to become mothers during their sporting career from the announcement of the pregnancy to the first international competition with a maximum 18 months after delivery.

At the meeting, work also continued on an Advisory Network that provides athletes with the necessary information during maternity with specialist doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, midwives and professionals in the sector.

At the end of the meeting, and on the occasion of the first year of work of this commission, the second edition of the Maternity and Sports Day was held at the COE headquarters, whose objective was to raise awareness, reflect and inform about motherhood and sports in all its aspects and stages.

The COE Maternity and Sports Commission is made up of Ona Carbonell; the athletes Teresa Perales, Teresa Portela and Maialen Chourraut; former Olympic athletes Alejandra Quereda, Isabel Macías and Ana Montero; Dr. Montse Bellver; the founder and president of the Malas Madres Club, Laura Baena; the general secretary of the COE, Victoria Cabezas; and the Director of Communication, Estefanía Rey.