The clues that show the breakup of Máximo Huerta and her interior designer boyfriend after five years together

Maximo Huerta y Juan Castillo They have broken up after five years of relationship. The reasons for the decision are unknown, although everything indicates that both have ended amicably.

The 52-year-old journalist has not commented on the matter, nor has the interior designer. However, since The Spanish They assure that each one has taken a different path, according to a source of “complete solvency.”

The truth is that in recent weeks there was no trace of photographs together on Instagram, a social network on which they still follow each other, which suggests that the breakup would not have occurred in a bad way.

In their respective profiles, the writer has published information about his new novel, while Castillo has shared a photograph taken in Fuerteventura, his homeland.

Five years of discreet love

The journalist and her ex-boyfriend began dating in 2021 and, since then, they have always kept the relationship discreet, although from time to time they published content together on the Internet.

The last image of both was published by Huerta this past summer. A post to which is added the one she shared last January, where she dedicated some nice words to her ex-boyfriend. “How lucky I have been,” she wrote.

For the moment, Juan has stopped working at Doña Leo’s bookstore, the establishment that the former Minister of Culture and Sports opened in Buñol, his birthplace, and to which he moved in order to be closer to his mother.

The fact that the two no longer work hand in hand also reinforces suspicions of a breakup. They both declare themselves book lovers, and have always been very excited about the project of having their own bookstore.