The day Adriana Abenia suffered a sexual assault after doing a live show on television

Adriana Abenia (Zaragoza, July 14, 1980) is a model, actress, reporter, presenter and also a writer. She is also an influencer, because she has almost 350,000 followers on Instagram alone. But above all she is a mother of Lunafive years old, the result of her marriage to the businessman and public relations Sergio Abadhis lifelong love.

The Aragonese woman often tells of her experiences but there is something that she had never told and the truth is that she never thought of doing so. It was a closed and overcome chapter of her life whose scar reminds her every day that the most important thing is her. She just published a book, life now, in which he acknowledges that he suffered harassment. What he relates is a watered down version of what really happened to him. For her it was the most dramatic moment of her life, which coincided with her jump to national television. It’s something that even her closest friends didn’t know. Just her husband.

It was 13 years ago, on October 7, 2010, when I was working as a reporter in the first stage of Save me. She was sent to cover an event of the then Princes of Asturias in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) and although she was already living in anxiety, she always thought that she liked her job. However, that day everything was different. After carrying out her work with Felipe de Borbón and Letizia, some young people began to attract her attention and surround her with it. They put their hands up her skirt, touched her ass, her chest and everything they could about her without her being able to do anything about her while they called her a “whore” and a “slut.” She felt terror and the seconds seemed eternal until the Civil Guard managed to get her out of there. She went into a state of shock, she was paralyzed, she could not speak, scream or insult them. The blockade was total.

But what I didn’t know was that the worst would come the next day. Without being able to get up, or even barely talk about her, her boyfriend from Zaragoza called the ambulance and they admitted her to the hospital. She had suffered from speech aphasia and her brain MRI did not come back well. Her world was falling apart and it was something she couldn’t afford. Hence she lied and as soon as she could she went back to work. To an editorial office in which no one was interested in what had happened. Didn’t anyone ask him? Was no one interested? Because what happened is something very serious. At that time, Adriana was hired by La Fábrica de la Tele and everything happened while she was working. A nonsense.

Adriana no longer came back. Every day she got worse until the day came when they fired her. Her former bosses have now found out everything, but not a call, not a message, not a ‘Oh my God, we never knew anything!’. Adriana was left with many consequences, fortunately not physical. And that she herself recognized when she couldn’t take it anymore that she had “suffered a stroke.” But she has had many emotional consequences: “She couldn’t drive alone. She couldn’t go anywhere alone. She scared me of everything.”

But why didn’t he tell it? “I decide to keep quiet because I consider that if I reveal what has happened to me, no one will want to hire me. I feel so fragile, so vulnerable, I feel that at the beginning of my career, the trust that so many people have placed in me is going to disappear. No. I lied out of shame, it was out of gratitude. Maybe I should have been more honest because many projects fell through because of that lie. I was so bad that I said I needed to face other challenges and evolve, a falsehood that somehow pulled me. My health was so bad, I felt insecure, I suffered panic attacks, I lived so dehumanized that I didn’t want to tell what was happening to me and make people feel sorry for me. If I told it maybe it would all be over, I would have had to return to Zaragoza and everything had achieved would have been of no use.

It was her boy, Sergio Abad, who helped her get back together, to trust again, she even left Zaragoza where he worked to settle in Madrid, with her and help her in everything. They married in 2015 and three years later they had their daughter Luna, a girl for whom the winds drink. Perhaps they will soon decide to expand their family now that life is smiling at them.