The coaches behind the success of the contact sport

Boxing is experiencing a very important boom in recent years. Do not
                                        only the number of fans and people who practice it grows
                                        amateur, but so does the federal licensing. At the controls
                                        Rafael Lozano, who always had in his head the
                                        Idea of ​​being a coach. “I opened my own club when I stopped competing, but
                                        The body asked me to take another step and return to high performance. Without
                                        However, I never thought that I would lead a national team and, in addition,
                                        such a competitive team, ”he says.

Lozano defines boxing as a sport with a lot of rhythm: “In every round,
                                        In a few minutes, you have to give two hundred percent. And our
                                        preparation is conditioned by that type of competition ”. When preparing
                                        as a technician, he verified that this change of roles entailed other differences.
                                        “To be a coach you have to be prepared, informed and recycle continuously
                                        your training As a boxer, you have the last word to be the most creative
                                        and competitive possible and your coach tries to guide you, waiting
                                        May you be disciplined and pay attention to him. But when you are the technician,
                                        You have eight athletes that are your responsibility and that you have to prepare
                                        physically, technically and psychologically, ”he explains.

Rafael acknowledges that, in
                                        Today, more and more people are interested in him. “I think that
                                        People are realizing all the benefits that boxing brings.
                                        It is a very complete sport, in which you work your legs, arms,
                                        the coordination between them … Also, you have to develop an answer
                                        Very quick to decide how to make an attack or a defense. At the level of
                                        capabilities, resistance, speed, strength … but also work
                                        The sacrifice and the overcoming. So boxing has a lot to contribute
                                        and we have to discard, once and for all, that idea that it's only about
                                        of two people hitting each other in a ring, ”he argues.