The captains, against the directive: “The attitude of the club is embarrassing”

FC Barcelona is mired in an institutional crisis with unpredictable consequences. Since the 2-8 humiliation against Bayern Munich a little more than two months ago, the club has moved in a real quagmire, with motions of no confidence in between, threats by burofax to leave the club of the franchise player and Open schism within the workforce due to the proposed salary reduction.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

This Thursday a new chapter has opened to this open war between the staff and the board. As he advanced 'The world', the four captains of the squad, led by Leo Messi and seconded by Piqué, Busquets and Sergi Roberto, they sent a very harsh letter to the board chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu, describing as “embarrassing” their way of proceeding during the negotiations of the salary reduction and denouncing “maneuvers of the leaders” to leave them, once again, as the bad guys in the movie.

Likewise, the captains clarify that they are not willing to let any one of this directive pass, that the days could be numbered if the motion of censure is successful, which in principle will be voted on between November 1 and 2, ensuring that “We are not going to tolerate Barcelona infringing our rights “.

The captains are shown “upset and disappointed “ because of the club's way of managing this crisis, and they clarify that in no case do they want to go free in the negotiations as the club is filtering, but simply clarify that “the club contradicts itself, when it recognizes that some of said groups and sections have already made the financial adjustments they want “Therefore, it is denied that their priority is to reach a unanimous collective agreement with everyone under the same conditions, as they are negotiating separately and reaching different agreements.

They also clarify that they have no intention of going to the negotiating table because “having a representative at a table of thirteen members implies that our deterrent capacity is null “.