Müller: “We play against the bullies of Europe and you get me yellow for this!”

It was one of the most curious plays of the match between Bayern from Munich and the Atlético de Madrid. In fact, it was noticed that Thomas muller went crazy after the referee showed him a card.

The play was as follows, he had the ball under control, he was preparing to cross into the area of ​​the Athletic when the ball was left somewhat long, which allowed Trippier arrived, touched the ball and the German tried to rectify to step lightly on the English.

Perhaps it is good that the collegiate Michael Oliver don't speak german. The referee of Ashington, north of England, showed Thomas
Müller a yellow card and television cameras caught the angry protest. “What's going on here?” He exclaimed indignantly. “We play against him Atlético de Madrid, the biggest bullies in European football and you get me yellow for this … ”.