Hours case: the RFEF is studying to sue the CSD and has already requested precautionary measures

Although it has not issued any official statement, nor its president, Luis Rubiales, has stated in this regard, The Federation continues to work in silence with the aim of not giving up on the 'Case Hours'for which he fights with LaLiga the competition to put games on Mondays and Fridays. The RFEF, before accepting the schedules set for this day and assigning the arbitrators, requested the very precautionary once the resolution of the CSD is known (yes on Fridays and 20 Mondays per season) and after the ruling of the Commercial Court (“RFEF and LaLiga must agree “). Now, faced with this refusal, he has gone to the contentious-administrative court to appeal and request precautionary measures (in which the judge does listen to all the parties, unlike the very precautionary) and it expects a resolution in ten days, although the process could take several months according to some experts.

In addition, as AS has learned, The RFEF is studying to sue the Higher Sports Council in the near future despite having had to comply on the day of this weekend that is played on Friday (Elche-Valencia). He understands that his resolution of last October 16, just after more than thirty clubs asked for help by letter and stopping the judge's ruling, is null and void. In his understanding, the CSD invents the facts in that resolution, believes that there has been no procedure, that the conflict of competences has not been formalized, that the RFEF has not been given the right to defense, that at no time is the Mercantile ruling of May 27 that completely dismissed the LNFP's claim and, furthermore, that the CSD does not cite the RFEF regulations in its text. For this reason, the RFEF is also considering the option of taking legal action against President Irene Lozano.

The CSD, consulted by this newspaper, is calm and adheres to its resolution in support of professional clubs, “even more so considering that they currently have no income from the public due to the pandemic.” Therefore, what prevails now is its executive resolution pending what determines the contentious-administrative.