To think that Barcelona can sign a crack next season sounds like utopia today, after the latest information, supported by audits and statements from its leaders, which indicate that Barça is on the verge of bankruptcy. But the Barça club believes that it will be able to undertake at least one great signing for the 22/23 season.

The salary limit and the game to spend on Barça’s staff will increase next year and, despite the great debt that the club presents, it will have room to undertake hiring to improve its staff, although the club’s vice president, Eduard Romeu, confessed this The same week that Barça will not be able to sign cracks for two years. However, the culé team now lets fall that one of its objectives is to try to convince Mbappé to land at the Camp Nou with the freedom card in his pocket.

Photo of de Kylian Mbappe

Known is the interest of Real Madrid to hire the star of France. And Mbappé has publicly acknowledged that he wanted to leave PSG and that he had the offer from Madrid and the French team did not want to sell him. But Barça plans to hinder an operation that is practically closed as of next January 1, the date on which it is possible to legally negotiate with a footballer who ends his contract six months later.

Barça will entrust the attempt to the Israeli intermediary Pini Zahavi, who was the one who made the transfer of Neymar from Barça to PSG for 222 million euros, the most expensive transfer in football history. Mbappé is free, but the club that signed him will have to pay him a transfer bonus. According to sources close to Barça, the culé team is willing, because they believe that their accounts will allow it next July, to pay them 90 million for their release letter. Barça believe that Madrid is only willing to pay 50. It could also tempt the player with a chip higher than that offered by Madrid, which they believe will not exceed the 17 million euros net that Gareth Bale charges. However, Madrid, with their accounts healthier than Barça, manages a notably higher salary for the French player.

Real Madrid have every advantage to sign Mbappé if the forward leaves PSG at the end of the season. In fact, he is convinced that he will not extend his contract by one year to play the World Cup in Qatar at the end of 2020 as a player for Paris Saint Germain.

Minguella says he had it closed

Kylian Mbappé was about to sign for Barcelona in 2017, but he did not do so because finally the sports management chose Dembélé as a replacement for Neymar, as Josep María Bartomeu, then president of Barça, recognized a few days ago. The intermediary Josep María Minguella, now a sports commentator, told four years ago what Bartomeu has now recognized. Minguella explained that the operation amounted to 120 million plus 30 extras.