Diego Costa He is still goggling at the Camp Nou with the Atlético de Madrid. 12 minutes of the game passed until it was shown that the Barça fief does not give the Spanish-Brazilian striker any good. Because at that moment, the mattress player scored … but in his own goal.

A corner kicking by Messi took the ball to the small area, where Coast he inserted the ball into his goal after the ball hit the inside of the right thigh. The action surprised Oblak, who could do nothing to avoid 1-0.

The story did not finish there. Because only four minutes later, Costa had the opportunity to remove the thorn. But no. It nailed him more. Why Arturo vidal He committed a penalty on Carrasco, and the 19 ’assumed responsibility. He threw badly and stopped Ter Stegen. Of course, the German went ahead and Hernández Hernández sent to repeat. He threw it away, and marked it, Saul.

Not even from eleven meters could Costa end the curse that haunts him at the Camp Nou, where he does not know what it is to celebrate a goal throughout his career. And also, with the Hispanic-Brazilian it rains wet in Barcelona …

Because last season, the ‘19’ mattress was sent off, with a red card. Gil Manzano He interpreted that he had insulted him after claiming a foul. “I shit on your f … mother,” wrote the referee in the minutes. Eight sanction matches. A punishment that ended his 18-19 course and that prevented him from starting playing 19-20.

But there is more. Because on 13/14, the year of the League, Coast The cross of the coin in front of Barcelona also came out. A few minutes after starting a game in which Madrid and Catalans were playing the title, he had to leave the field of play. A muscle injury that also prevented him, a week later, from being able to play the Champions League final in Lisbon. Diego Costa's infinite jinx at the Camp Nou.


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