MUNICH, 16 Ago. (dpa/EP) –

The Andorran athlete Nahuel Carabaña has become news during the European Athletics Championships in Munich 2022 after sacrificing his own career in the 3,000 obstacles to help one of his rivals, the Danish Axel Vang Christensen, who suffered a fall when he was leading and stayed lying on the ground.

Carabaña, who came from behind, did not hesitate to stop to attend to the Dane, who, when he was the first, in one of the jumps, fell to the ground and lay there with gestures of pain. The Andorran also took him away from the interior streets to avoid major problems.

At the end of the race, in last position and far from the lead, Nahuel Carabaña received a standing ovation from the entire stadium thanks to his sporting gesture. The Andorran was able to cross the finish line, more than a minute behind the winner, the Italian Osama Zoghlami, but with recognition on par with the most important.