The Catalan presenter took the witness this Monday to Sandra Barneda leading a new chapter In the name of Rocio. The chain intended to regain audience and also had a bombshell: the chorus girl from Dew Sworn, Martha Amayarevealed that he had had an affair with Amador Mohedanothen married to rose benedict. However, Twitter has pulled from the newspaper library and has recovered videos in which the artist, speaking of infidelities on another chain, was accused of being an editor and expelled from the set.

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It was in the already disappeared Where are you Lovefrom Antena 3, which presented Jaime Cantizano and had Maria Patino y Early Michael among his chatterboxes. They were the ones who discovered that Marta Amaya, who sat on the set to recount her love affair with a married man named Salvador, lied: “The wife of your supposed lover says it’s all a setup because you have financial problems,” said the Galician journalist.

Amaya was expelled from the set for serious insults and Patiño and company commented on the move: “As you have been able to reach these levels for dough, anyway…”, said María. This Monday, however, Jorge Javier Vazquez listened to and applauded Marta Amaya’s testimony, giving her full credibility without questioning it: “There was rumbling with Amador. Yes, we slept, several times, it lasted a while. As a lover I give her a 6.”

Amador Mohedano was the protagonist of the last broadcast episode of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary. He accused his uncle of cheating and stealing from the biggest, being aggressive and called him “frustrated”.