The Aless Lequio Foundation issues a new statement in the face of the overwhelming silence of Ana Obregón, who continues without giving explanations

Second statement of the Aless Lequio Foundation in just five days. The organization, established in honor of the deceased son of Ana Obregon y Alessandro Lequio, defends the transparency of its accounts and the honorability of its objectives, issues that have never been questioned from this portal. The work of supporting cancer research from said Foundation is exemplary and commendable, unlike the alleged donations that Ana Obregón boasted of making and which, to this day, continue without being effective.

As Alessandro Lequio himself said this Wednesday, “One thing is the Foundation's accounts and another is Ana Obregón's”. The former are not questionable and are also controlled by a board of trustees that guarantees the good work of the Foundation.

The question, to which Ana Obregón has not yet answered, is simple: Where is the money that the presenter said she would donate to her son's Foundation and that she has not yet received? The actress stated that the benefits of the book The Shrew Boy would go to her son's Foundation, as well as the money obtained from the numerous exclusives she has granted in recent months in her leading magazine, posing alone or accompanied by her granddaughter Anita. She also published a post advertising the La Cabine brand indicating that the profits would go to the Foundation. These are moral commitments (not legal) that the presenter has acquired in recent months and with which she has not fulfilled.

We are talking about an amount that could exceed 500,000 euros, according to experts consulted. She throws things out: “Like anyone who wants to open a foundation, I contributed an initial 30,000 euros, apart from some exclusive ones that I have also donated and a bag from my mother, which was raffled off. These are figures that I don't like to say, but in total I think I have contributed more than 50,000 euros out of my pocket.” And she clarified: “I have donated some exclusives. Not all because now I have a mouth to feed.” Regarding the proceeds from the book, he stated that the publisher would directly donate the relevant amount in March 2024, as is usual for publishers, but he has not explained what happened to the 100,000 euros (approximately) that he received as an advance, before publish the book.

In the absence of a more exhaustive explanation on her part, the conclusion is clear: Ana has not donated all the money she publicly said she would donate.

“It is not a story of the Aless Lequio Foundation, it is a story of Obregón. She made the commitment to donate her exclusives to the foundation”, Alessandro Lequio said this Wednesday. “It bothers me that my son's legacy is dirty, which is immaculate and with very clear accounts.” And he added: “The foundation's accounts are very clear, only Ana knows how they are. She has been the one who has committed to donating the exclusives and that is the problem, not another. The person responsible for this situation is Ana Obregón. He will have to explain the reason why the donations have not been made, or maybe he has other times, I don't know.” And he concluded: “The best filtration of this entire story is its contradictions. If you explain it, the better, but explain it in a clear way. You have every right in the world to change your mind but explain it, don't drag the foundation that has nothing to do with it.”.

The Foundation's statement

Given the erroneous and completely untrue news and information that has been happening in recent days through different media about the ALESS LEQUIO FOUNDATION, we hereby declare that:

1. The Foundation has been duly constituted and registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Community of Madrid for more than two years.

2. The Foundation has its own registered office, independent of the personal address of the President of its Board of Trustees, Ms. Ana García Obregón. Since last July, an employee has been in charge of its daily management.

3. The Foundation's accounts faithfully reflect its economic reality and scrupulously comply with the legal requirements of transparency and public deposit. In this same regard, the annual accounts for the financial year 2022 were approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and duly presented to the Protectorate of Health Foundations of the Community of Madrid and deposited in the Registry of Foundations of the aforementioned Community of Madrid.

For its part, the annual accounts for the financial year 2023 will be approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation during the six months following the close of the respective year, that is, between the months of January and June 2024, as provided for. the art. 25.2 of Law 50/2002, of December 26, on Foundations. Once they are approved, they will also be presented to the Protectorate and deposited in the Registry of Foundations of the Community of Madrid.

4. Given the misinformation with which statements are being made that tarnish the good name of the Foundation and put at risk the fulfillment of its purposes, it is necessary to clarify that the Protectorate of Health Foundations of the Community of Madrid is the administrative body , belonging to the Ministry of Health of the same, in charge of ensuring and controlling the correct functioning of all the foundations in its area of ​​​​competence. The functions of this body, among others, are to ensure the effective fulfillment of the foundation's purposes and to verify whether the foundation's economic resources have been applied to said purposes.

5. The statements regarding the return to Ms. Ana García Obregón of the foundation endowment that she made, amounting to 30,000 euros, are nothing more than a reflection of an absolute ignorance of the regulations governing foundations. As provided in art. 21.1 of the Foundations Law, and art. 45 a) of its implementing regulations, the alienation and/or encumbrance of the assets and rights that form part of the endowment or are directly linked to the fulfillment of the founding purposes will require prior authorization from the Protectorate, which may only be granted by if there is duly accredited just cause. This statement is therefore completely uncertain.

6. The copyright of the book The Shrew Boy, from the HarperCollins publishing house, have actually been donated to the Foundation. As the publisher itself has already stated in a statement, the settlement of such rights will not take place until next March, so that when the time comes they will be paid directly to the Foundation as the owner of the intellectual property rights of the book. .

7. The Foundation highly appreciates all the help received from the hundreds of donors who to date have made contributions to enhance cancer research in our country, as well as the efforts and financial contributions that the President of its Board of Trustees, Ms. Ana García Obregón, has been doing since the very constitution of the Foundation and which they continue today with their full dedication to this laudable cause.

8. Given the reputational damage that is being caused to the Foundation and the jeopardy of the fulfillment of the altruistic purposes that are the object of the same, we appeal to the professionalism of the media to refrain from giving rise to unverified and defamatory information such as some of those already poured. All of this, with reservation of any legal, civil and criminal actions, both for the demonstrations already expressed and for those that may continue to occur.