Penélope Cruz's change of look that sets the trend for 2024: goodbye brunette, hello blonde

After stunning a contrasting dress in London at the premiere of Ferrarithe film he stars in with Adam Driver and that could give him his fifth Oscar nomination, Penelope Cruz He has done it again. The actress has captured everyone's attention on the red carpet at the Governors Awards 2024 due to her radical change of look.

The one from Alcobendas has left behind her classic dark hair to look blonder than ever. After more than three decades of career betting on dark and brown colors, the actress has decided to cut corners and has surprised with this new look.

The reality is that Penelope no longer wears her hair long or straight. Now she prefers medium hair with a retro blonde and with a clear inspiration from Grace Kelly. But be careful, this new haircut will set the trend for 2024: blonde highlights marked with platinum touches.

During her time on the red carpet at the Governors Awards 2024, the actress wore a white dress from the renowned Chanel brand, fitted at the waist and with a can-can fall. But it wasn't her dress that left us perplexed, but rather her new haircut. If black hair, with or without bangs, was her hallmark in films like Ham Ham; Recently it has been changing towards brown tones. However, the actress has now opted for a 'long bob' cut above the shoulders, with a middle part and slight waves to highlight her radical change.

A change that will mark the trend for 2024, in addition to the XXL long hair that we already saw in 2023. Without a doubt, the bob cut or medium length hair continues to mark hair styles and waves take over hairstyles.