Gabriela Guillén considers leaving Spain after Bertín Osborne's latest insults

Gabriela Guillén (31) is in the media spotlight after the birth of his son with Bertin Osborne (69). A week ago, the presenter said that he did not plan to “act as a father” and this unleashed great anger in the model, as well as a stir in the gossip press. Tired of Bertín's numerous slights, the Paraguayan considers leaving Spain and returning to her homeland with the baby.

Given Bertín's lack of interest in Gabriela and her son, the only problem for her if she moved would be her beauty business, located in Madrid, which is generating great income since her romance with the singer.

Gabriela's patience hangs by a thread. What should have been the happiest moment of her life has been soiled by the singer's unfortunate comments about their common child: “I don't want to be a father, it's not my turn. She knew it.” She assured, however, that if the child is hers (after a DNA test) she will take care of what is financially appropriate: “I am a responsible guy.”

Last December, Gabriela already announced her plans to return to her homeland to start a new life away from Bertín and enjoy her newborn son. Now it seems that this intention is increasing and she is getting closer to the country she came from. At the moment, she still has not spoken to the singer, although he tried to contact her.