“Thank goodness you’re sitting on the left”

A few days before the second round of the French legislative elections (next Sunday, July 7), where polls predict that the extreme right will sweep, one of the French idols par excellence has expressed his opinion on the political future of the country. Asked this Thursday at a press conference about the delicate situation that his compatriots are going through, Mbappe has been blunt: “We saw the results, they were catastrophic, Let’s really hope that this changes and that everyone gets involved in voting and voting on the right side.”

Real Madrid’s new and brilliant signing, who defends the French flag in the Euro 2024is concerned about the support for the National Rally, a far-right party led by Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella: “We cannot leave the country in the hands of these people. Now, more than ever, we must go out and vote”he said. “It’s urgent.”

The question was closed with a little joke that caused laughter in the whole room when a journalist stood up to continue with the questions and the French striker, who was not looking, asked: “Where are you?” “Here, to your far left,” said the reporter. “Thank goodness you’re not on the other side…”, concluded Mbappé with a smile.

This is not the first time that the footballer has been involved in politics. Last June he made an appeal to young people: “We are at a crucial moment in our country, we are citizens above all and we cannot be disconnected. It is an unprecedented situation and I want to address the people, especially the young people, we see that the extremes are at the centre of power and I ask young people to go and vote.” He added: “I am against extremes, those who divide. There are young people who abstain and I want to send them this message. Their voice does change things. I want to be proud to defend a country that represents my values. “This is more important than any party because the situation in the country is different. I believe in the values ​​of mixing, tolerance and respect.”