The rider tries to stop his fall into hell in the midst of the scandal

He is the man of the moment, the protagonist of a love triangle in which the female parties have said ‘enough’. One for money and the other for dignity. Alvaro Muñoz Escassi He tried to calm the waters with an interview of just 15 minutes, but far from putting an end to the rumours and information that pointed to a scandal of epic proportions, his contradictions caused a real tsunami from which Telecinco (and the rider himself) are going to make a killing. This Friday, María José Suárez’s ex sits down with Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta to offer new details of what happened.

Escassi, who is negotiating a seat in TardeARsits on From Friday and replaces Carmen Borrego and her husband, José Carlos Bernal, who were going to shout their love from the rooftops, support their niece Alejandra Rubio and shed a few tears for the eternal estrangement from José María Almoguera. They will have to wait, because Álvaro has a lot to cover: a break-up, an infidelity, a mail bomb, a debt, some images, a confidentiality agreement…

It all started last Wednesday, when María José Suárez announced her breakup with Muñoz Escassi after returning from a cruise where they seemed to be very much in love. The message from the Miss did not exude anything good and the first reports were not long in coming: an infidelity (or several) on the part of Lara Dibildos’ ex. The trigger, as she herself revealed, was an email: “I received a very unpleasant email.” In it, a woman (Colombian, transsexual and Capricorn) assured her that she had had sexual relations with Escassi a few weeks ago. She had graphic evidence and messages to prove it and also claimed a debt of 1,700 euros for her services.

María José left the jockey and the jockey sued the woman. However, he later withdrew the lawsuit and contacted her to reach an amicable agreement: he would pay what he owed and she would delete all the audiovisual and textual evidence that linked them and sign a confidentiality clause that, it seems, she is willing to break: this Thursday she hired an artist representative.