This is Victoria Starmer, the aspiring British ‘first lady’

The die is cast. More than 45 million citizens in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were called to the polls on Thursday to decide their political future. The results are not yet final but the first counts point to a change of leadership with a victory for the Labour Party. Keir Starmer, which would end 14 years of Tory rule. The politician, who has had the public support of Elton John o Kit Harrington (Jon Snow in the acclaimed Game of Thrones) is already packing his bags to move into Downing Street and he is not doing it alone: ​​his wife, Victoriawould be the new and brilliant British ‘first lady’, thus taking over from Akshata Murthythe wife of the current prime minister, Rishi Sunak.

This Thursday, Victoria Starmer took the front line of the media in the purest Begoña Gómez style: in a passionate red dress, her favourite colour during her husband’s election campaign. Very discreet, she is not used to speaking to the press and it does not seem that this will change even if her husband wins: “I am not going to make her go through that, to introduce myself before my speech. I talk to her about what we are going to say and how we are going to say it. And she has opinions on all that. But that is normal in a family,” said the politician a few days ago. Victoria worked as a solicitor and now works in the Occupational Health department of the public entity, the NHS, something she wants to keep if her husband reaches Downing Street.

Polish by birth, she is 61 years old and is a lawyerThey met in the 1990s during a work date at the Lord Stanley pub on Camden Park Road and married in 2007. They are parents to two childrena boy and a girl, aged 13 and 11 respectively, who have been raised in Judaism, Victoria’s faith: “As you probably know, my wife’s family is Jewish. On her father’s side, there are bar mitzvahs, synagogues and all the traditions.”revealed in Jewish Chronicle lawyer.

Live in a £1.7m house in Cadmen Townone of London’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, where they hold a family reunion every Friday since Victoria’s mother, to whom she was very close, died in a tragic road accident in 2020: “It’s been very hard for my wife and her family. It’s been a very difficult few days for us,” Keir confessed. “It’s just about being with the family. It’s about being a bit more disciplined, about being at home with our children and family, who are growing up very quickly.”

His entourage predicts: “Victoria is quite bold in the sense that she doesn’t care what he does. If he gets to Downing Street, she will lead her own life. She won’t be the centre of attention, like Cherie Blair, but more of a background figure like Sarah Brown.”they told the Telegraph. “They have a good dynamic – she spends a lot of time teasing him because he can be very serious. I’ve never known her to be particularly political, she’s always had her own interests.”